Membership Application 2016-2017 – Part 2

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    Please read the information in the next sections carefully before completing your application.

    Membership of SBMAQ is for a financial year, from 1st July 2016 to 31st June 2017
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    Please check the following information and click submit to complete your application.
  • Your personal membership invoice will be sent to this nominated email account. Please ensure the email address is correct and the email inbox it is being sent to is active and not full.
  • Personal Payment - Membership Fees

    SBMAQ offer two payment options for membership and meeting expenses, EFT and Credit Card. A separate email with your personal membership invoice will be sent to the email address above. The details below show the information in the invoice for your personal membership. You must make sure that the invoice is paid within thirty days to ensure your membership continues.
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  • Enter EPDISC in the box and click on "Apply". The discount is only valid between 31 May and 31 July each year.
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