Frequently Asked Questions

What does SBMAQ Stand for?

  • School Business Managers’ Association Qld Inc

IS SBMAQ an industrial association?

  • SBMAQ is not an industrial association but it can help you in your dealings with the department.

When are membership forms sent out?

  • Membership forms are sent out at the end of Term 4 for the following year.  You can access our membership form here.

What do I get as a member?

  •        Access to the discussion list
  •        Attendance to the biennial conference with first preference above non members
  •        Notification of all PD organised by SBMAQ
  •        Attendance to the 4 meeting and PD days held each year

Can my school pay for my membership?

  • No, it is against DETA policy for any membership to an association for any individual to be paid by school funds.

I am relieving/acting as a Business Services Manager can I still join the association?

  • Yes, you can apply for associate membership if you are relieving/acting for 3 months or more.

Can my school pay for the conference and other professional development?

  • Yes, the school should have PD allocations for all staff members at a school.