Payments (by Credit Card)

Thank you.

If you have registered for one of our Professional Development activities please ensure you make your payment prior to the event to secure your place.

Click the following link to make your payment by Credit Card through BPoint; our secure online facility with the Commonwealth Bank

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Please use your Invoice NumberĀ  and School Name or Surname as your Reference Number.

9 Responses

  1. Marg Engel says:

    Well done! I’ve just paid my membershp online. It worked a treat & as I’m emailing you my receipt came through. I realise this hasn’t happened without the huge efforts and generosity of time from some. Thank you

  2. Helen McNamara says:

    Makes life so much easier with this method of payment. Thank you to all who implimented this process.

  3. Wendy Day says:

    Thank you for being able to provide this service. So easy to use and user friendly. Makes for a nice change, cheers!

  4. Lynnette says:

    Love the registration and payment system. Makes it so easy! Congratulations to all concerned setting this up.

  5. Kate Stagg says:

    I wish all bills were this easy to pay! Excellent system.

  6. Great process, well done to all concerned:)

  7. Alana Robertson says:

    I have tried to pay my registration by bpoint and it continued to time out. I am not sure at this point if my payment was successful – can you please let me know.

    • President says:

      Hi Alana

      There is a known issue with Bpoint and an upgrade is pending at the end of August. I’m hoping this will sort the timing out issue.

  8. Allan Meadows says:

    Well….. That was Easy!

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